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-Dr. V

Jannik from reality, the sound the cold shallow feeling of being all alone, almost doll-like in appearance, almost doll-like in emotion, almost doll-like in the field of protection. Saves us from where we've been, where we're headed, and where we'll die.


A continuation from Paws.AVI, showing the impact Cats as a subculture has upon the internet in more ways that can one say in mere words. From good acts, to those of the most vile and unreal. This Dead Cat, depicted here. Is such a being. Keeping away from the space of death, love, happiness, forgiveness and pure hatred. Trying to hide from the light. Can no longer be shielded. America's falling deeper and deeper into the depths of technology only to see what the future holds. The next chapter is beginning, care to have a look?



After being backed into a corner of life, what must someone do?. Or the better question is what CAN someone do?. With the truth revealed to them. Our representation of this is like that of a cat, calm and collective, always wanting to avoid the turmoils of life. Always running away from danger, always shielding ourselfs from hate, pain and all other emotions we find distasteful to our breathing space. Well, then, how, now, we see what we face it heads on. No more funning water trickles into the pools of our warped minds and in that we finally have a peace from the severe pain.


This Video from "Friends of the Project" gives us great meaning to expanding it and making our project beauty at it's core. Sometimes in society we're forced to deal with the memory and forgetfulness of others through their eyes and ears and fear is born. This constantly changes as life moves on and in it we have to say "Pick up the pieces". But as humans we need to get at bay with this wall of fear and truly move out to the skylight of death in all it's furious glory.



Yes, this video picks up where the last one left off.  Starting with the next video (which should be recognizable to some), the theme of the videos will change.  It was a different time and that will be reflected. 

This video will probably be viewed mostly as a curiousity.  That's fine.  Sometimes mere curiosity will bring real answers. 

We'll talk more later.  It's time for some rest for me.  Everything should definitely be fine by morning.  

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