What does the quote on the home page mean?

"Your God can't help you within my walls - but rest assured, you shall be on your knees."

Some people have said that it is about fear and intimidation. Some people just like to hear themselves talk. I was actually referring, metaphorically, to the enemies of the project. Those who wish to keep us down because they are too close minded to even attempt to hear our message before lashing out. They tend to and say that I am an abomination in God's eyes without having the first clue as to what it is that we stand for or are trying to accomplish. I don't know what "God" they are referring too that condemns without even trying to understand. They stopped us once, but we are much stronger now.

Long story short, I suppose that it is simply an empowering message to remind myself, and everyone else involved that we will not be pushed around by tyrants again.